We’re always trying to find new, natural ways to repelling pesky mosquitoes during the spring and summer months. An overwhelming amount of information is out there on the Internet about what is effective and what isn’t.

At Mosquito Terminators in Newport RI, we’ve seen just about every attempt by homeowners to repel mosquitoes, and many of these strategies are simply old wives tales. Here are some mosquito repelling techniques you shouldn’t waste your time on trying.

  1. Skip the candlelight. Don’t bother with citronella candles or other oils. Although the scents may be naturally mosquito repellent, the candles simply don’t cover a large enough radius to be effective. Instead, opt for insect repelling plants like lavender.
  2. Don’t change your diet. Eating garlic, bananas and B vitamin supplements won’t repel mosquitoes because the strength of the food is not great enough to be effective.
  3. Don’t wear repellent wristbands. Although this sounds like an ingenious invention, the sad truth is that the DEET in these wristbands just isn’t strong enough. Over time, the chemical also wears away. DEET also must be applied to the skin to work appropriately.
  4. Skip the mouthwash. Save the Listerine for your pearly whites — not your skin. Some people believe that rubbing mouthwash on their exposed skin will ward off mosquitoes, when in fact after the alcohol evaporates from your skin, a sticky residue will remain that actually attracts these pests.
  5. Don’t rely on technology. There are plenty of apps out there that say will repel mosquitoes using ultra-sonic noise. However, these gimmicks don’t work because it’s nearly impossible for these devices to mimic the sound of a mosquito’s enemies (such as the dragonfly).

Do you have any effective ways to ward off mosquitoes? Let Mosquito Terminators of Newport RI know! Contact us today!