Fall River MA Mosquito & Tick Control

Located 20 miles from our headquarters in Newport RI, Fall River MA is a short drive via RI-24 N and RI-114 N/E.

Fall River resides along Mount Hope Bay which is fed by the Taunton River, Quequechan River and a watershed area over 20,000 acres.

The shoreline area consists of numerous ponds, springs and brooks that are prime mosquito breeding habitats. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water where their larvae hatch and develop quickly into adults who venture into neighborhood properties for food. The majority of Fall River’s residents have properties at least 1/2 mile from some body of water, making your yard a prime target for mosquitoes.

Why Choose Mosquito Terminators

At Mosquito Terminators, our expertise in pinpointing mosquito breeding areas on your property is what we do best. Much of Fall River’s residential areas include dense woods as a backdrop. Mosquitoes and ticks love cool, wooded and shaded areas during the warmer months before they venture out into your yard during the morning or later afternoon and evening hours.

Our natural-based spray is applied twice a week to ensure that the mosquito and tick population is under control so you can enjoy your yard this season. Our team is familiar with many of Fall Rivers’ neighborhoods, including the Highlands, Flint Village, Eastside, Globe Village and more. Be sure to contact us if you see one of our trucks in your neighborhood! We guarantee that your property will be the life of the party this season, not only because you throw a killer BBQ gathering, but also because the mosquitoes won’t be around to ruin the fun.

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