With many harmful chemicals like DEET in bug sprays, you would likely think twice before applying these sprays to your beloved family pets. Dogs needs as much protection as humans when it comes to bug bites, as bites can cause heartworms. Without using a store bought bug spray, what should you use to protect your dog from summer into fall?

A few natural repellents have been shown to be very effective in keeping mosquitoes away.

  • Lemon Eucalyptus oil (this oil has been shown to be very effective on dogs, but the smell can be very strong. Suggested use is only a spray or two on the dog, or a collar with herbs infused into it)
  • Geranium and Soybean Oils (these oils are called “Bite Blocker” and provide almost two hours of protection from bites!) These oils are slightly more effective than the kids’ bug sprays containing DEET.
  • Citronella oils & candles (The candles work well enough to be used in conjunction with another repellent, however not well enough to stand alone.) Citronella also can be found in lotions!
  • Fennel (Shown to be about 80% effective after about an hour and a half)

These oils are said to be mostly successful in keeping mosquitoes away, however, if you still find these insects to be a problem, you can contact your local mosquito removal company in Rhode Island.

Your RI mosquito control company may do sprays around your home to create a barrier against bugs. Mosquito Terminators provides you with a treatment schedule and signature barrier spray applications. Our technicians will mist a barrier around your property that will kill existing mosquitoes and ticks as well as help to prevent them from bothering you until the next application.

For additional questions, or to schedule a visit from us, call us today at (401) 293-0616. We offer the best mosquito control in RI!