Have you always been curious as to why mosquito bites itch so much? Most people know that there’s some kind of reaction between the mosquito’s saliva and your blood, but beyond that it seems to be a mystery. Here’s what really happens.

The visible red bumps that develop on your skin after you’ve been bitten are due to an immune response. To be specific, your IgG and IgE white blood cells (antibodies) search out and bind to the antigens found in the mosquito’s saliva. Depending on the species, some antigens cause a higher histamine reaction than others.

Types of Mosquito Bite Sensitivity

There are hypersensitivity reactions and delayed hypersensitivity reactions to mosquito bites, though both result in itching and a red swollen bump that could last a few hours to up to a week. Delayed reactions will occur a day after the individual has been bitten.

Mosquito Bite Treatment

Mosquito bite victims can find relief by purchasing over the counter anti-itch medication. This medication is either topical (a cream applied directly to the skin) or oral (a pill), such a Benadryl. For those with severe reactions, corticosteroids usually do the trick to bring relief.

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