It’s summertime in Rhode Island and everyone wants to spend these fleeting days outside soaking up the sun. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes are also out and soaking up something other than sunlight.

If you want a relaxing season without listening to a constant buzzing in your ear, then here are a few ways to significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard.

  • Remove Stagnant Water. Did you know that mosquitoes breed around and lay their eggs in standing water? The first line of defense is eliminating the breeding grounds. Be sure to always check your yard (gutters, flowerpots, kiddie pools) after it rains for any standing water that needs to be removed.
  • Prune Lush Vegetation. If mosquitoes aren’t harvesting our blood, they supplement their diet with plant nectar. It’s important to call a landscaping company so they can regularly come and trim back your shrubs in order to prevent a place for mosquitoes to hang out.
  • Grow Mosquito-Repelling Plants. There are a few natural-occurring plants such as citronella, mint, and lavender that can repel mosquitoes. Placing these scented plants in candles is a great idea for added protection against these bugs. It’s best to plant these near entrances to your home, such as along a walkway, to prevent them from getting inside!
  • Remove Yard Waste. Summertime is a great time to get some yard work done around the house. However, be sure to remove the yard debris you’ve accumulated throughout the day and put it by the curb. Yard debris is generally very damp, which is the perfect hiding spot for mosquitoes.
  • Call a Professional. If you want faster results, it’s always a wise investment to call a professional mosquito control company. Mosquito Terminators of RI can come out to your property and spray the perimeter of your yard to significantly reduce the population. This is a great, fast option for those who are getting ready for an outdoor event or for season-long bug relief.