Mosquito & Tick Control Services

Summer Package

  • 8 applications
  • Bi-weekly spray
  • Customized start date
  • Saves $50
  • +$20 per additional 1/2 acre
  • Ideal for vacation homes & families active outside during summer months

Full Season

  • 14 applications
  • Bi-weekly spray
  • April – October
  • Saves $100
  • +$20 per additonal 1/2 acre
  • For those who want premium mosquito & tick protection!


$4999Per App
  • Per application charge
  • No contract required
  • Easy credit card auto pay
  • Price is per 1/2 acre spray
  • +$20 per additional 1/2 acre
  • Great for those who do not wish to pre-pay for a full package & prefer to pay as you go.

There may be aspects of your yard that annoy you, but one annoyance for homeowners that tends to top the list this time of year is the infamous buzzing sound of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes hone in on their victims by detecting carbon dioxide levels, heat, odor and movement. These bugs repopulate quickly under the right conditions and their annoyance can often ruin an otherwise wonderful backyard party or event.

Mosquito Terminators provides you with relief from mosquitoes and ticks with the use of our eco-friendly spray. This powerful yet safe spray consists of essential oils and herbs such as peppermint and cedar to repel and terminate mosquito populations.  Our expert team will spray the perimeter of your property twice a week, which is a timeframe we believe fully maximizes the effectiveness of the spray.

Want to reduce your yard’s mosquito population by over 80%? We provide three pricing packages to choose from that best fit your bug control needs.

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