Newport RI Mosquito & Tick Control

Located on Aquidneck Island 37 miles from Providence, Newport is the quintessential seaside city.

Known for being a gorgeous summer vacation destination spot, the city swells with visitors traveling from all over New England. However, Newport isn’t just home to people.

Surrounded by water, the city is a natural breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes go through a multi-stage life cycle which begins with a female mosquito laying her eggs in stagnant water. Being at sea level means Newport is prone to harboring small ponds and other low-lying marshy areas where many people take up residence.

Why Choose Mosquito Terminators

The town is home to over 24,000 people and 10,600 households. Many of these homes are surrounded by woods and water — safe havens for mosquitoes and ticks. Luckily the Mosquito Terminators know where these bugs are hiding.

With our safe and effective mosquito and tick control program, we can regularly spray your Newport RI property for an entire season so that you and your family can enjoy the warmer months. We guarantee a significant reduction in mosquito and tick population so that you no longer need to fear sitting on your backyard patio this year. Contact us today for immediate assistance!

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