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One of the only towns in the country with more square mileage of water than land, Portsmouth RI still manages to have enough room for over 17,300 people.

The majority of those living in this beachside town take up residence around Aquidneck Island, alongside neighboring towns Middletown and Newport. Portsmouth was originally founded in 1638 and, like other surrounding areas, offers visitors and homeowners a rich New England history.

There are a number of public golf courses, marinas, bike paths and  green spaces for the community to enjoy throughout the warmer months, but mosquitoes and ticks also flock to these areas. The mosquito breeding season can occur as early as the beginning of April and last well through October, which is why Mosquito Terminators is here in Portsmouth to control their extensive breeding season.

Why Choose Mosquito Terminators

Mosquito Terminators of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts is a leading provider of green, non-toxic products in order to control mosquitoes and ticks. We understand that Portsmouth RI residents are very active outside during the warmer months, and we want to be able to significantly reduce the population of mosquitoes to make your outdoor experience more enjoyable.

With over 56 miles of shoreline in the town, there are countless places for mosquitoes and ticks to breed in stagnant pools or ponds. If your home isn’t located along the shoreline, then chances are there is a farm or pasture nearby which also harbors these bugs.

Let Mosquito Terminators spray the perimeter of your yard twice a week in order to ensure maximum mosquito control. Have a wedding, graduation party or outdoor BBQ planned for this season? It’s best to start on one of our affordable control plans now to ensure the best results later.

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