Thank you for your interest in our mosquito and tick control services. Our area representative will reach out to you shortly. For immediate assistance, please give us a call at (401) 293-0616.

Have any questions? Perhaps we can answer some here in our FAQ section!

Because the solution is all natural, it is slightly more biodegradable than something that contains a pesticide. In order to keep you protected and stand by our guarantee, the bi-weekly application is necessary

Although we cannot guarantee no mosquitoes or ticks at all, we want to make sure you are happy and safe. Our service will reduce the population by about 80%. So, if you are ever getting eaten alive, please call us and we will return and respray for free of charge within 2 days!

Our product does kill ticks on contact and reduces the population by about 80%. However, the residue left behind will not work as well at preventing ticks as it does mosquitos. They’re exoskeleton is just too thick. We are out to treat for you every two weeks though, so your tick population should be well under control.

Yes! The products we use are completely safe for kids, pets, the environment and gardens; it is all natural. Some are peppermint based and others are cedar based.

The products is capable of killing anything that is a small bee size or smaller, but is formulated to kill mosquitoes and ticks. We are cautious when spraying to try to avoid bees the best w

You should see a reduction in the mosquito population within 24 hours. It begins working immediately, so you should see a difference fairly quickly. However, one application will only knock down the population by about 50%. After a few applications and regular treatments of our program is when you experience the best results.

You can go outside about 30 minutes after your spray has been completed. It is safe to return to your yard right after but we ask you don’t disturb the area giving it time to dry and adhere to the areas we sprayed.

You do not have to close your windows, as the spray will not harm anyone or anything inside. It’s really a matter of preference.

You do not have to be home. Our tech will continue with your spray as scheduled and leave behind an invoice so you know that we’ve been by for your application

If we are dealing with inclement weather when you are scheduled for a service, your technician will call and notify you if they cannot make it that day, as well as give you an estimated day that he will return (usually next day, weather permitting). If it has rained earlier in the day and stopped for a period of time, we can use our backpack blower to spray the water off of the brush around your yard, and then apply the product.

The service we offer is part of a program, which is an automatic bi-weekly application. We can only guarantee our services and allow for retreatments within that two week timeframe. Also, our schedule is structurally very specific. We have techs that have certain routes, in certain areas, on certain days. By changing this bi-weekly scheduling, the likelihood of being sprayed at the times you want is slim as our schedule fills up very quickly and we may not be able to fit you in.

Our policy is to keep a debit or credit card on file to be charged after each service. We do this as a measure of convenience for our customers, and it’s also part of our technician’s workflow to process payments right after service. We only accept checks if you are pre paying for a seasonal package.

We lead with green, non-toxic products, your satisfaction is guaranteed, we provide bend over backwards customer service, AND, we happen to be VERY competitively priced.

The spray is microencapsulated and therefore meant to withstand rain. Once it is dry (about 30 minutes) it is adhered to the surface and will not wash away. If you experience mosquito issues after a spray, simply call the office to discuss retreatment.

The products we use contain a blend of essential oils and herbs that are specially formulated. The main ingredients are peppermint and cedar oils.

We do not have a written contract. Our spraying season runs from April to October. Should you want to cancel before the end of the season, you can simply call the office and notify us.

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One of our top priorities is preventing the spread of disease from mosquitoes. The mosquitoes hanging around in the fall months are the ones that carry diseases such as EEE and West Nile, and cases of these diseases are found more frequently toward the end of the summer/beginning of fall, which is why we continue to spray until the end of October. Also ticks are still present and we want to keep you safe from tick borne diseases like lime disease.

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